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Sadie Seasongoods Projects

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Unique Upcycled and Repurposed DIY Projects using vintage treasures, salvaged goods, and thrifted finds- as seen on .

Sadie Seasongoods has brought you unique, easy-to-make, amazing repurposing and upcycling projects all year long. And these are the Top 10 BEST and MOST POPULAR repurposed and upcycled DIY craft projects from 2016. From sea glass bottles to cutter quilts, and bandana pumpkins, firefly lamps, and coffee mug suet feeders. Find her most loved projects here, all in one blog post! #SadieSeasongoods /

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Create simple, lovely bookmarks by repurposing a vintage or retro brooch (hello, thrift store!) and some scraps of ribbon. A thoughtful, gorgeous gift for the book lover in your life (or yourself!) and a super easy DIY upcycle craft project that anyone can do. #SadieSeasongoods /

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Get gorgeous, shabby chic Anthropologie style for a lot less with this fun, DIY upcycle project. Repurpose a vintage handkerchief / hankie into a vintage-y braided bracelet - it's simple, inexpensive, and easy! I'll take a whole armful, please! #SadieSeasongoods /

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Create simple, cottage style wall decor by repurposing vintage crocheted doilies in embroidery hoops from the thrift store. Super simple, and an inexpensive, thrifty way to fill your walls! You may even find everything you need at Grandma's house! Easy DIY upcycle craft project from #SadieSeasongoods /

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Want to do the easiest upcycle / repurpose project ever? Gather your collection of wine corks (everyone has a stash- no shame!) and either a hose clamp (duct clamp) from the hardware store or an embroidery hoop, and create a unique, functional trivet for your kitchen. I use mine ALL THE TIME, and it only takes minutes to make. This is a safe and fun project for kids to make, too! #SadieSeasongoods /

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Create unique, stylish wall decor by displaying salvaged hardware (like these chippy painted antique key plates / escutcheons) on a piece of salvaged wood (like a vintage cabinet door). It's super easy to make (you just need some screws and a drill) and looks pricey and on-trend. Plus, it's a one-of-a-kind upcycle project that no one else will have! #SadieSeasongoods /

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I paired a strange wooden spindle from the thrift store with some plain old balls of cotton twine to create a unique but functional pin / brooch holder! It was a super easy repurpose / upcycle DIY craft project and works like a charm. #SadieSeasongoods /

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I just LOVE a good statement necklace...and I made an entire set of them by repurposing a vintage silverplate spoon into a flattened pendant and adding a retro (dead stock) cameo cabochon. It's easier than it looks- and I got to use an anvil! I love how each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. Fun DIY upcycle / repurpose jewelry craft project from #SadieSeasongoods /

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Imitation pearl necklaces are a staple at most thrift stores...but they're a little stuffy and stodgy for my tastes. Sooo...I repurposed the pearl beads with the help of some hemp cord into fresh, summer-y, beach-y jewelry in just a few minutes! And for just a few dollars. Super easy upcycle DIY craft project that anyone can do...and the end result is simply gorgeous! #SadieSeasongoods /

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Gather up the prettiest vintage rhinestone shank buttons from your mom's or grandmother's button box...and DIY a stunningly gorgeous charm bracelet- in MINUTES! It's full of flash, sass, and style...looking like a million bucks, but costing very little. A super easy repurpose / upcycle jewelry project by #SadieSeasongoods /

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