Tom Hardy

So i didnt know THIS was Tom Hardy. everyone swoons over Tom Hardy, so i was never interested in finding out who it actually was. But this guy , i like his stuff, ive seen his acting and its pretty good in my book. So i guess i like Tom Hardy too .

Chris Hemsworth >>>>>>

Chris Hemsworth. Aka: holy mother of...

/ jt

T Fall Men’s Fashion Issue

Justin Timberlake made a sexy appearance in T, The New York Times Style Magazine in early September, and the singer/actor opened up about his career in music and film. Source: Hedi Slimane/T, The New York Times Style Magazine

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy's collarbone & trapezius tats are rad. Still trying to persuade Phil to get one.

Marine that lost his leg and gained a modeling career. Merica.

Meet the Marine Who Lost a Leg and Gained a Modeling Career

So this is Alex Minsky. He's amazing. Ex marine who lost his leg and is now an underwear model. Look at those tattoos. [also he's got a foot tattoo that says "I'm with stupid" pointing to his prosthetic leg]

Yummy :)

So sexy hot guy. not even a guy, that's HOT DADY ever with his damn f*ck tatoooo😍