Sara Lee Bread
Sara Lee Bread
Sara Lee Bread

Sara Lee Bread

For over 60 years Sara Lee has been known for delicious baked goods. Today, our bread continues to nourish and delight our customers’ taste buds.

More ideas from Sara Lee Bread

Southwest A.M. Sammie

Southwest A.M. Sammie: This hearty, open-faced breakfast sandwich tastes extra good on Sara Lee White Made with Whole Grain Bread. You’ll need a fork and knife to get through all the layers of mashed avocado, salsa, cheese fried egg and toast.

Have A Heart Toasts

Have a Heart Toasts: Treat your sweetheart to these sweet heart-shaped fruit-topped toasts. Bananas with chocolate hazelnut spread, strawberries with strawberry cream cheese or raspberry jam with shaved coconut are especially heart-warming atop your favorite Sara Lee Bread!

Green Chile Taco Cups

Green Chile Taco Cups: These bite-size tacos are a fun and tasty way to feed a crowd. Create the “shells” using Sara Lee White Made with Whole Grain Bread. Then fill with your favorite taco ingredients - like seasoned ground beef, onions, green chiles and cheese. A dollop of sour cream and dab of pico de gallo and this appetizer is good to go!

Grilled California Club Sandwich

Grilled California Club: Presenting the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich on Sara Lee Artesano Bread. @hmiblog combines melty Muenster cheese with ham, turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and mayo for this California club-inspired masterpiece.

Italiano Grilled Cheese

Italiano Grilled Cheese on Artesano Bread: Thick-sliced Sara Lee Artesano Bread, salami, pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce combine to create a towering, pizza-inspired grilled cheese sammich.

Turkey Apple Panini

Turkey Apple Panini: Dust off your panini press and whip up this warm and toasty sammy. Sara Lee White Made with Whole Grain Bread, turkey, Cheddar cheese, sliced Gala Apple, fresh spinach and a Greek yogurt-mustard spread make this sandwich extra good!

Bananas Foster Breakfast Kabobs

Banana Breakfast Kabobs: Brunch time fun time! Make sweet little stuffed French toasts using cream cheese, dulce de leche, Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread and a cinnamon egg batter. Serve skewered with fresh bananas and a dulce de leche drizzle – and keep ’em comin’!

Ham & Cheese Sushi Rolls

Ham & Cheese Sushi Rolls: Surprise your kids with this fun school lunch that disguises a ham, Cheddar and pickle sandwich as sushi! Your kids will love the flavor on Sara Lee White Made with Whole Grain Bread.

Spinach Dip Wreath

Spinach Dip Wreath: Who doesn’t love spinach dip? This easy appetizer whips up in no time, and will disappear just as fast! Buy pre-made dip, or make your own, and serve with Sara Lee Bread toast points.

Cucumber Tree Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber Tree Tea Sandwiches: Unexpected holiday guests? Here’s a festive appetizer you can whip up in no time! All you need is a tree-shaped cookie cutter, Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread, chive cream cheese, and thinly sliced cucumber and red pepper.