Sara Jensen

Sara Jensen

hej kort mig mig hedder sara ville gerne være ernærning asisstent
Sara Jensen
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Keep the branches exactly as they are, but, instead of the butterfly wing, make that side a cluster of monarchs flying with some landed on the branch stretched out. Also, shading it so that it pops out and making it more realistic looking.

Wolf Tattoo Design Art Model. This tattoo can be a source of inspiration to you.

Use this feather for the black accents and replace the running wolves with the running horse silhouettes

Mehndi Moon

Mehndi Moon - I love the shape, colors, and the dangly things in this one. I also love the design within the moon. The "mandala" part of it is gorgeous.

Lady Gwen Lace Up Fantasy Fairy Medieval by RomanticThreads, $525.00

This makes me think of Tangled. ♡ Lady Gwen Lace Up Fantasy Fairy Medieval Wedding Velvet and Lace Gown Custom