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Dog sniffing artificial topiary ball plant and loving it
It's so funny to imagine a dog sniffing a big artificial topiary ball during a beautiful sunrise. 🌄😂 Well, it happened. Artificial topiary balls are a fantastic way to enhance your patio decor without any hassle or upkeep. They add a touch of elegance and charm effortlessly. Your patio will look stunning! 🌿✨ #365curbappeal #patio #frontdoorideas #frontdoormakeover #patiogarden
a person with a paw tattoo on their foot sitting in front of a woman's legs
40 Best Hidden Tattoo Ideas
40 Best Hidden Tattoo Ideas
two chairs sitting on the front porch of a house with potted plants and trees
Artificial topiary balls are a game changer for cabins
Artificial topiary balls are a game-changer for cabins. They bring that fresh green look to your planters all summer long, without the hassle of watering. Plus, they give the illusion that someone's home, which is a great deterrent for theft. But here's the secret: go for high-quality topiary balls that look real. You definitely don't want them to look cheap or unnatural. That way, your cabin will always have that natural, lush vibe that adds to its charm. It's all about creating a welcoming and beautiful space, even when you're not around. So, go ahead and spruce up your cabin with those top-notch topiary balls! 💚🌳
a woman holding a large pink flower in her hands
a potted plant sitting next to a welcome sign
Welcome signs with topiary balls
Pair a vertical wooden welcome sign with our natural artificial topiary balls at your front door - simple, colorful & charming.
two potted plants are sitting on the steps in front of a door that is open
Larger scale planters with large scale topiary balls
Adding curb appeal to your front door with topiary balls is super easy! Just put a couple of high-quality topiary balls in your empty planters on each side of the door. It instantly makes your entrance look appealing and something you can be proud of. This photo shows larger scale ceramic planters with an 18 inch opening filled with our 23 inch cedar topiary balls (Size XL). There is not much you have to do to keep the topiary balls looking great, they are artificial. It's a simple way to make your home's exterior more beautiful! 🌿
a house that is made out of stone and has two windows on the side of it
Cedar leaved artificial topiary balls are perfect for 4 season climates.
Strategically placing a few good quality artificial topiary balls can really elevate the look of your landscaping at this time of year. The cedar artificial topiary balls look spot on when placed on top of rocks and mulch. 🪨🌿 Make sure to attach them to the ground so they stay put. What's a good quality topiary ball?? They can pass for being real, the foliage is abundant and are believable in color & foliage with your climate.
three bushes in front of a building with grass growing on the ground next to it
Using Artificial Topiary Balls in Hard To Grow Areas
High quality topiary balls (ones that have realistic foliage) can be a great solution for landscaping in challenging areas. They add elegance and greenery, and are ideal in spots that are hard to grow plants in. Plus, they bring that year-round green vibe to any space. It's a clever way to enhance the Curb Appeal of your home all year and the beauty of your landscape! 🌳 Make sure you secure your new topiary balls to the ground. place a landscaping steak (looks like a tent peg) on both sides of your topiary ball. Zip tie your topiary ball directly to the landscaping stake.
easy curb appeal idea
Empty planters can quickly be made to look good year round without any maintenance.
Blooming artificial topiary balls are great - outdoors all summer then bring them in the winter inside to add a pop of greenery  indoors.  You'll love the no maintenance. Minimal, Nature, Pop
Blooming artificial topiary balls placed indoors
Blooming artificial topiary balls placed indoors are fantastic! They bring a touch of nature and charm to any indoor space. Not only do they add a pop of greenery, but the blooming flowers add a vibrant and lively touch. The best part is that they require minimal maintenance compared to real plants. No need to worry about watering or sunlight, just find the perfect spot and enjoy the beauty they bring year-round. It's like having a perpetual garden indoors!
How to attach your topiary ball to your planter?
You definitely want your topiary ball to stay put, you have to secure it to your planter. First, place a heavy object in your planter like a cinder block, a sandbag or a brick. Next, tie or bungee cord your heavy object directly to your topiary ball. The topiary ball has a plastic grate core, secure it to the solid part of the grate which is the middle where the ball joins. Alternatively you can add the weight to the center of the ball to weigh it down.
Topiary balls done right - high quality to keep people guessing if they are real and the perfect scale so they make a big difference.  Placing them in front of your garage doors makes your home more welcoming all year long (when right now in the middle of winter). Garages, Doors, Garage Doors, Garage
Garage doors can be an eye sore.
Garage doors can be a real eyesore 👀sometimes, right? Try decorating with these cedar high-quality topiary balls 🌳 that look so real. They'll make a huge difference in the way your garage area looks. 👌They add a touch of elegance and charm that can transform the whole vibe of your home. 🏡 Place them near your garage doors and voila! You've got yourself a visually stunning entrance that'll make your home stand out in the best way