Customize Your Own Necklace Set Stainless Steel and Heart Necklace Set for Military Couples, Deployment Jewelry by MissAshleyJewelry, $45.00

cute idea, could do this myself though. Daddy, You're My Hero - 8x10 DIGITAL Art - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Add your child's hand print - Gift for Deployed Solider - Military - Printable...

Mailed Kisses- Easy gift idea for deployments

A Hug from home - for the boys when they move out. better if they make one for me, I'll be a mess when they move out.

A book where your child customizes each page just for their daddy. I'm in love with this idea!

Really easy and cute care package/present

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Boo Boo Bear's Mission tells the story of a beloved teddy bear on an important mission. Young Shea Leigh's dad has been deployed to Iraq with the Air National Guard. To help her dad feel less lonely while he is away from his family, Shea Leigh sends Boo Boo Bear to him in a care package. Half a world away from home, Boo Boo tours the base with Dad, embarks on a jet fighter flight and fulfills an important mission--to carry a family's love until they can be together again. Ages 4-8

I Am Red, White, & Blue...Are You Feeling It Too? is a children's book written through the eyes of a child writing a letter to their favorite soldier, while sitting under a apple tree at a children's military camp for kids who have a loved one deployed. Children of all ages are encouraged to talk about their feelings that are associated with a military deployment.

DOG TAGS (We Serve Too!) - Sells We Serve Too! (Be Strong and Courageous!) dog tags and We Serve Too! (We just make the best of it) dog tags.

DOG TAGS, FREE (Dog Tags for Kids) - This is a grassroots effort to show our support for the troops and their families. We tried to think of something we could send Dad or Mom that they could easily send back to their kids. This is something easy to ship and something the kids can hang on to until Dad or Mom gets back home.

DOG TAGS, COIN (Military Brat Registry) Military brat dog tags and military brat coins available in each branch of service. Crest of the military wife is also available for purchase.

HERO PACKS (Operation Military Kids) - Hero Packs serve as a tangible expression of support for Military Families from their communities and OMK Partners. Hero Packs are filled by non-military youth and community organizations with mementos and items designed to help keep military kids connected with their deployed parent. They are a way to hand-deliver a salute to military children and youth for their strength and sacrifices while parents are deployed.

GRANTS FOR SPORTS, FINE ARTS, TUTORING - If you or your spouse are in the National Guard or Reserves and are deployed overseas, Our Military Kids can help pay for sports, fine arts and tutoring programs for your children.

ONLINE ACTIVITIES, FREE (Sesame Street) - This interactive website -- similar to the social networking site Facebook -- allows Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their families to stay connected in a safe and nurturing environment surrounded by their favorite Sesame Street friends. It's a private place where only the family and friends you invite can post messages, create and share artwork, upload photos and record videos.

ONLINE ACTIVITIES, FREE - allows you to read interactive books, play games and do activities with your child in real time from anywhere in the world. The site allows users to see and hear one another while they read books, play games and do art activities together -- all in real time. Free for military families.

HORSEBACK RIDING, FREE - Operation Free Ride is a program that offers weekly, hosted or sponsored horseback riding sessions that are free for every member of their family! This program serves military families with a deployed family member, as well as families who have a family member with a disability or serious illness.

SOMETHING TO HUG, FREE (Operation Give a Hug's Huggee Miss You dolls) - Provides dolls to Family Readiness Groups, Family Resource Assistants, Fleet and Family Support Centers, Airman Readiness Centers, Military Family Life Consultants, School Counselors, Behavioral Therapists, Chaplains, Casualty Assistance Officers and other support personnel and programs.

SOMETHING TO HUG (Remember Me Pillows) - My hope is that each Remember Me Pillow brings as much comfort to the child (or spouse, parent, niece, nephew, girlfriend) that receives them as my children got from them during his last deployment. Each Remember Me Pillow is about 12 inches high and 4-5 inches wide depending on the photo sent. I will personalize each "pillow" with a fabric backing of your choice. I have many, many fabrics to choose from...

HERO PUZZLES - Send us your favorite photo and we'll send you a hand crafted children's peg puzzle.

SOMETHING TO HUG (My Hero Photo Bear) - The My Hero Photo Bear is a perfect plush companion for children with deployed parents. The plastic sleeve on the bear's stomach allows a small photograph to be inserted so children can keep a picture of their hero close.

SOMETHING TO HUG (Sweet Dream Pillows Project) The Sweet Dream Picture Pillows are available to the children of any family whose father or mother is on active duty and will be absent from their family for at least three months. All pillows are provided at no charge! We do ask for a contribution to pay for shipping and handling after you order your pillow.

COLORING PAGES, FREE - Coloring pages to download, coloring and activity book listing for military children.

SOMETHING TO HUG: Camo Joe ~ I'm a Brave Little Trooper. I hold a photo of the hero you love, Whenever you miss them, Just give me a Hugg!