Just do it cheer bow

Just do it cheer bow

Just do it cheer bow. Pinning with normal bows because I would so wear it outside of cheer

cheer.. I like to use this quote when I make the cheer team's photo albums

A good cheerleader..spirit Wall art vinyl decals letters love bedroom

I was a cheerleader for 4 years. We wore long skirts and were not into the gymnastics like the cheerleaders today.

"Haha trying to get all the hairspray out and yet my hair still sticks up ! Life of a cheerleader" . If they think a poof and pony is tough I'd like to see them try guard hair lolXD

Becuase stunting isnt very easy. You have to life weights and life pound people in the air.

walked away with a bruised face, chest and arm a couple weeks ago from a…