30 FUN Science experiments perfect for toddlers & preschoolers- We have done a few of these, and my kids were in awe!

Science for Kids 30 FUN Science experiments perfect for toddlers- We have done a few of these, and my kids were in awe! Really want great tips concerning arts and crafts?

Rainy Day Umbrella: Every Friday our Friday Playgroup (basically storytime for little kids) has crafts... which means I have to come up with a lot of simple things they can do within 15 minutes. Yeash. Not easy. I have not done these yet, but have them on the schedule for March 2013. I'm going to have them use stampers to decorate the plate (something we don't get to use often).

A rainy day umbrella craft! Would be good as a spring craft too. April showers bring May flowers!

Messy Play: 10 Tips to Keep Messy Activities Clean

Messy Play: 10 Tips to Keep Messy Activities Clean

sensory bags PLUS tons of other messy play ideas. Great for kids with sensory defensiveness!

Spray Paint Craft | 25 Of The Best Toddler Crafts For Little Hands @Aimée Gillespie Lemondée Gillespie Buschmeier

Pin for Later: 21 Unplugged Kid Activities For Screen-Free Fun Spray-Paint Crafts Get out the spray bottles: this spray-paint craft will have your child spritzing away!

How to Make Bracelets Using Ice Cream (Popsicle) Sticks  Boil sticks for 15-20 minutes (if they are still not bendable enough, leave them in hot water (not boiling) for another 15 minutes). Let them cool a little bit, then place them in a small cup or glass. Leave overnight to dry. Decorate with paint or modpog paper.

How to make bracelets from popsicle sticks!

Love this ideas for making cool wood bracelets for kids! To make these Popsicle stick bracelets, soak Popsicle sticks in water for and place in cup to dry. Once dry Modge Podge your favorite paper or fabric to them.

Giggles Galore: Tattle Monster Such an awesome decor idea

DIY Craft Halloween Decoration idea for kids - Tissue Box Monsters! Tisdue box, paint, egg carton for eyes. Perfect for preschool or kindergarten halloween party boxes!