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WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM??: 3rd Grade Sunflowers

The 3 rd grade students learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh through a video that showed a little girl interviewing.

Van Gogh sunflower paintings

Dolvin first graders used Van Gogh's paintings to learn the difference between portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. Our symmetrical vase.

2nd GRADE--Van Gogh Sunflowers.  Can even have students grid own paper to do several flowers!

Van Gogh Sunflowers group art using warm/cool oil pastels. We could do a sun art project instead of sunflowers. grade energy and art

Van Gogh Sunflower diagram

Van Gogh Sunflower diagram - give each kid a square to colour and then assemble afterward. do this but give them one to colour however they like, without seeing the original, before showing them the painting and having them do it as they see it.

Drawing a sunflower

I love sunflowers, they are such happy plants! Drawing them can be fun & easy, use these directions. Also: here are some fun facts about these gorgeous flowers. Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is one of the few crop species that … Continue reading →