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Tattooed Pin-Up Princesses - 'Inked 08' by Adrian Katzianka Features an Badass 50's Pin Up Girl (GALLERY)

Kira I know that I wasn't to open about the idea of u having dreads BUT. This girl is beautiful and I seriously love the dreadlocks! I could totally see u with em! I'm team dread for kira :)

This could turn into an awesome tattoo Would be beautiful going down the side - breast to hip.

Example of Henna for inspiration. The Namaste henna is outdated and needs to be brought up to another level of sophistication and complexity.

Heard a woman say that she used to get to use markers to color in her dad's tattoos so now I want to get some that the girls can play with.  This one is gorgeous.

Sardin Van Cleemput i really love the way this sort of combines traditional american tattoo style with the henna paisley

unity and harmony

Best Blackwork mandala tattoo design idea See unique Blackwork mandala tattoo ideas for men and women. See more about Blackwork mandala tattoo

fuckyeahtattoos:  Jellyfish by Daniel Meyer via LEITBILD

Daniel Meyer from Kassel, Germany is a tattoo artist that could have been a student of Andrey Svetov when you look at his beautiful work. Daniel Meyer from Kassel.