Black long layers with red peek-a-boo highlights.

Black long layers with red peek-a-boo highlights. only reversed, red with black peek-a-boo highlights :) love the cut-k.

Dark brown haircolor w/ purple ombre. Think I will do this next get rid of the red

Dark Purple To Light Purple Ombre Hair Dark brown haircolor w purple

black hair with red tint

Beautiful shade of brunette hair color

Love the contrast and the red for highlights

Red Balayage On Black Hair Hair ideas hair colors dark

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Beautiful long dark brown hair and such a beautiful hair color

Black hair with burgundy red highlight. Omg. if I didn't die my hair white, it would be like this

Black hair with burgundy red highlighting

long red with black lowlights loving this hair color combo

Wish I could pull off the red hair color. I would so dye my hair red.

Ombré for very long hair.

Violet and red ombre. Since I have natural red hair, I'd love to do this in reverse. Ombre red fade into violet!

((Open RP)) I sat in the coffee shop with my hot chocolate. Suddenly a girl and a boy got into the seats across from me and started whispering. "Ahem." They looked up at me. 'We're sorry.... We are running away from something...' "I can help you." 'But this is something you've never seen.' "Try me." 'Dragon.' ((The boy and the girl are demigods and I need someone to be the girl and someone to be the boy))

Image via bright orange hair image Image via I think I might make it a little darker myself, to make it peachier. It's so friggin awesome! Image via bright orange hair image