How to clean a microsuede couch

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Pallet projects for everyone. These pallet projects will inspire you to do your own project. Tips for taking pallets apart in less than five minutes.

Pallet Projects and Tips for Dismantling Pallets


You’ll Never Shave Or Wax Again After Trying This Natural DIY Sugar Paste. So Simple And It Works!

How to tape yourself properly for a backless outfit..not gonna lie----this is good to know :)

Ways to Tape Your Breasts For a Strapless Look - AllDayChic

How to tape your Breasts for a backless outfit... Because sometimes sticky bras don't cut it ...

Beauty And Health: How to tape your Breasts for a backless outfit... Because sometimes sticky bras don't cut it ...

cleaning old glass bottles...I (Chad) will add that it is safer to use a bucket and submerge along with the salt add vinegar. Let soak for as long as it takes, and most surface dirt will come off with brushes. Antique bottles are hard to replace, make sure each has its own space when soaking they can easily crack or chip when soaked as shown in photo.

Cleaning Old Glass Bottles

Plastic bottle used for grocery bag storage.

My Clever Nest: 18 Things I'll Never Camp Without

Homemade Grout Cleaner – Easy

Homemade Grout Cleaner – Easy & Works Great

How to clean your oven like a boss with Unskinny Boppy

How to Clean an Oven like a Boss - Unskinny Boppy

It sounds crazy, but it works! A quick and easy DIY carpet cleaner and deodorizer.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer DIY - The Creek Line House

Save $$ by making your own fabric softener sponge bars. Smells great and cuts static for pennies!

DIY Dryer Sheets: Vol. 2, Day 49 - 365ish Days of Pinterest

Golf tee fix for stripped holes - put in glue, hammer in golf tee, cut off excess, then add screw = fixed. Tried this, really works!

Quick Tip: Use a Golf Tee to Fix a Door Hinge

Agape Love Designs: The Perfect Nude Smokey Eye

Agape Love Designs: The Perfect Nude Smokey Eye

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! i need to remember this!

DIY: Fill Balloons Quickly without Helium!

46 baking hacks

46 Life-Changing Baking Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

Replace many cooking ingredients with greek yogurt!

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This trick totally changed our pomegranate consumption. I buy them all the time now. How to De-Seed a Pomegranate – in Less than a Minute, No Fuss, No Mess, No Water!!

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10 Tips for Painting Furniture with Latex Paint. This is a great guide for beginners...with clever tips for all mediums of paint!

10 Tips for Painting Furniture with Latex Paint

Knots: How to Tie the Highwayman's Hitch. BEST knot for tying horses up, no bindup to release one fast.

Knots: How to Tie the Highwayman's Hitch

Portion size is KEY. Find portion control zip bags for your snacks at Walmart or Kroger #chewpurposefully

Brooke's blog: Portion Control Baggies!

DIY curtains

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One pinner said: I will no longer waste money on Crest Whitestrips! Arm Hammer Whitening Booster is meant to be used when brushing your teeth. I use a q-tip and coat my teeth with it and leave it for only 10 minutes (since it claims to be 3x stronger than strips) once a day...seriously you'll notice a difference in 2 days! Be careful if you're sensitive! This would be interesting to try

Made in the USA: Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster

How to date a Ball Jar

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Hang tank tops on one hanger using shower curtain rings to save room and reduce clutter.

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Prepping Your Butcher Block

Preparing Your Butcher Block Countertops - Domestically Speaking