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< I'll laugh at you, but that's not me judging you. >

I seldom hold my anger for long too. But there are some people who just keep testing my patience. May karma serve you soon.


I wouldn't call my self that smart but I just remember the most specific things it's so weird like you could tell me what color your sock are and ten years later I'll still remember what color your socks were that one day.chances are I'll remember the d

They told me I was different || Beautiful quote - Merle B

They told me I was different


And just because we are strange on the inside doesn't mean you have to judge us! libra and proud!

I'm always one of the guys....too funny.

I love socialising with loads of guys. Lots of laughs & plenty of banter


Can be a real anger or a total asshole if you get on their nerves


Product of The Lion King

Libra's are secure enough to enjoy their own company!

I think it's called Resting Bitch Face LOL



So very very true

So very very true ♎