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28 Ways To Use Dawn Dish Soap That Will Make Your Life Easier

MUST KNOW:blue dawn dish liquid does some amazing Bubbles; removes hair product build up; MANICURE SECRET; Repel Houseplant insects; CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS;Use it to bathe the dogs. It kills fleas on contact and is much cheaper than expensive dog shampoos. Ice pack; repel ants; UNCLOG TOILETS; Keep poison ivy from spreading; Shower floor cleaner and more....

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Can you FREEZE EGGS? **YES!** Here is how to Freeze Eggs

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These are easy was for Deep Cleaning Your Home in Just 7 Days!! It is crazy how easy this can be to do and also to maintain.

The humble rubber band can be used for more than just binding a pack of pens together. Check out these great hacks for using the rubber band around your home in brand new ways.

26 Insanely Clever Cleaning Tips for Lazy People

Here are 26 awesome tips that will make you a cleaning rock star. These clever tips will save you hours and hours of heartbreak cleaning your home. I was shocked at how many things I could make sparkly new again. 1. For really tough carpet stains use...