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Con AR-Code la realtà aumentata è a portata di tutti

AR-Code: la realtà aumentata a portata di app

milan_design_week_2013_698 http://idesignme.eu/2013/04/milan-design-week-2013-in-realta-aumentata/ +Moleskine #moleskine #salonedelmobile2013 #milandesignweek2013 #fuorisalone2013 #trends #realtàaumentata #tecnologia

Milan Design Week 2013 in realtà aumentata with Moleskine - iDesignMe

Why Knot Bench: Kino Guerin: Wood Bench - Artful Home

Fine crafts artists Kino Guerin and his wife Elyse make exquisite furniture by bending wood into these shapes. Their collection spans benches, shelves and tables. The cleverly named “Why Knot Bench” is definitely one of the most interesting pieces in the