Use this cherry limeade lip scrub to get soft, kissable lips naturally. Get the easy DIY recipe today at Sparkles of Sunshine.

Cherry Limeade Lip Scrub

How to Get Rid of Age Spots

How to Get Rid of Age Spots

1/3 Cup Whipped Coconut Oil 10 Frankincense 10 Drops Lavender 10 Drops Lemon

Everyday Essentials: Frankincense Essential Oil - Saving Dollars & Sense

Bentonite Clay is an amazing natural remedy with health benefits and many ways to use it from cosmetics to digestive issues, to skin healing. Find out more about bentonite clay as a natural remedy and all of its uses and benefits.

Bentonite Clay - The Incredible Natural Remedy You Need Now

Does your skin need a hearty dose of moisture? Then head to your kitchen where you likely have all the ingredients needed for this avocado face mask homemade recipe. That’s right, there’s no need to buy those expensive beauty treatments at the drugstore when in just a few minutes you can whip up your own all natural beauty mask that will give your skin a boost of moisture and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Avocado Face Mask Homemade Recipe

Brightening Turmeric + Lemon DIY Face Mask. With beautifying turmeric and healing manuka honey, this mask is perfect for acne-prone skin, evening out skin tone and rejuvenating radiance. Helps retain moisture and a glowy complexion!

Saved from

1 cup of Epsom salt, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 5 Peppermint essential oil, 10 drops Eucalyptus essential oils

DIY Sinus Congestion Bath Soak - Love and Marriage...and a baby carriage

The BEST Homemade Firming Eye Cream recipe is so simple to make and only uses three non toxic ingredients which are actually good for your skin!! No more chemical filled beauty products for me.

The BEST Homemade Firming Eye Cream

Love store-brand makeup remover pads? Hate the list of ingredients and the price? Here is a quick and easy tutorial for DIY Homemade Makeup Remover Pads. 5 ingredients and less than 20 minutes and they work even better than store brands.

DIY Homemade Makeup Remover Pads

2 tablespoons of honey 1 tablespoon oatmeal paste 2 tablespoons of lemon juice How it’s done Mix all the ingredients and rub them on the spot where you want to remove the hair. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes. After this wash your face with warm water. Then, apply face cream. Repeat this for 2-3 …

This Natural Recipe Will Make Your Facial Hair Disappear Forever - Fitness and Beauty

Coconut Oil Lip Gloss + Cheek Stain

DIY: Cranberry Coconut Lip Gloss + Cheek Stain | Hello Glow

Homemade Anti Aging Serum

Almond Vanilla Body Butter DIY - A Spark of Creativity

Almond Vanilla Body Butter DIY - A Spark of Creativity

This simple one step recipe contains only natural ingredients that are great for soothing skin - plus it’s safe enough to use daily!

Homemade Cuticle Oil Recipe

Forget those expensive facial moisturizers loaded with unnatural ingredients, give your skin a hearty dose of hydration with this homemade face moisturizer. This DIY beauty recipe requires only five ingredients: coconut oil, almond oil, cocoa butter and two essential oils (Frankincense and Lavender) that when combined create a powerful moisturizer with anti-aging and acne fighting properties, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Not only will your skin look rejuvenated, but this homemade beauty reci...

Homemade Face Moisturizer

DIY: Homemade All-Natural Face Lotion Bar - only two ingredients plus your own added scent. A super easy recipe that takes only 20 minutes to finish! ::

DIY: Homemade All-Natural Face Lotion Bar

This luxurious detoxifying salt scrub is so easy to make, but it really works! Just two simple ingredients make this salt scrub my favorite exfoliator in my natural skincare routine, and you can use it to make homemade body wash out of any soap! ::

DIY Detoxifying Salt Scrub + Exfoliating Body Wash

Goodbye ugly feet!!!! You need: A small bucket, 1 cup of hot or warm water, 1/2 cup listerine and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Put your feet for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Goodbye ugly feet!

Homemade Lavendar Homemade Bubble Bath with only 4 simple ingredients! Stop wasting money on expensive bubble bath! DIY Easy Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe! We made lavendar, but choose your own favorite scent! Great for kids! You'll wonder why you never made this before! All natural & skin-softening! Smells wonderful... it's the perfect homemade gift idea. Check out this simple recipe right now!

Homemade Lavender Bubble Bath

Victorian shampoo alternatives | Our Heritage of Health

Victorian Shampoo Alternatives - Our Heritage of Health

- DIY Crockpot Castile Soap Recipe

DIY Crockpot Castile Soap Recipe | Handy And Homemade

Easy Homemade Lotion Bars- perfect way to stay moisturized year round or make these up for a beautiful homemade gift!

Easy Homemade Lotion Bars

Can you name the ingredients in your shampoo? If not, you may want to consider whipping up a batch of this homemade hair shampoo. Not only will this homemade shampoo recipe give you healthy, gorgeous hair, but it’ll be easy on your wallet too. Whether you have normal, oily or dry hair, this DIY hair recipe can be adapted to fit your needs simply by substituting the essential oils used. Suffer from dry scalp or dandruff? No problem, we tell you have to treat those hair problems as well.

Homemade Hair Shampoo: Coconut Milk Shampoo

DIY Tinted Coconut Oil Lip Gloss - Moisturize your lips with this all natural DIY lip gloss. You can personalize your homemade lip gloss by adding your favorite lipstick. What other homemade beauty recipes do you use?

10 Homemade Recipes for Beauty Products: DIY Lip Gloss

Simple Homemade Lotion Bars with only 4 ingredients! Easy homemade DIY gift idea! Great for rough or dry skin! Check out how simple and inexpensive this recipe is!

Lavender Lotion Bar Recipe: How to Make Lotion Bars