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What are ePortfolios? Check out the brief presentation on what ePortfolios are, as well as some GREAT examples from the learners in The Guide to Everything eLearning for the Higher Education Administrator at Kent State University.

Sasha Thackaberry
What is an ePortfolio?  A great example of what an ePortfolio is.

What is an ePortfolio?

What is an ePortfolio? Why should you create one? Learn more at www.auburn.edu/ePortfolios.Created by Heather Stuart, October 2013.

Start your exploration here!  This is a brief overview of ePortfolios, then check out some in action! - Sasha

ePortfolio Presentation for Guide to eLearning for Higher Education A…

What is an ePortfolio? Why would you want to use one and what is one typically comprised of? Find out in this ultra-brief presentation.

Introduction to ePortfolio’s by Tom Buckley via slideshare

Introduction to ePortfolio’s

A short talk introducing the typology of ePortfolio,s and the taxonomy of their functionality. This was delivered as part of a University of West of England Pr…

Jim Brown is the Assistant Dean for Operations at Kent State University College of Arts and Sciences.  He has a background in higher education and military service - check out his Wall of Fame!

James J. Brown

Brief Biography - I have been married for 27 years and we have four children and five grandchildren. I am currently Assistant Dean for Operations for the Kent State University College of Arts and Sciences. A complete listing of my work and education can be found in the resume portion of this site.

Jill Thompson is the Assistant Director, Admissions, Recruitment and Outreach at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). Her ePortfolio includes work examples from the medical field as well!

Hallie Mast is a Student Affairs professional working on her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration at Kent State University.  This link takes you do one of her presentations, but check out the whole site - it's an excellent example of an ePortfolio.

Conflict Management & Effective Communication

Conflict surrounds us in our ever day life. It is present in our families, friendships, relationships, and work environments. This presentation attempts to provide students will a conflict manageme…

Gregory M. Glaus's ePortfolio - he's a higher education athletic administrator.  His resources are both in his field of expertise (athletics) as well as in eLearning.