If a person leaves you with mixed feelings, uncertainty and an unsettled mind, you don't need to place your energy there.

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no doubt in my mind that I'll come across him again. this time smarter. this time, with the an intention to stay longer than I did. This time, I won't hurt him.

go do them.


Help Thyself_Words_Do everything you've always wanted._"You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them.

true story

I learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feeling. Even if I respect theirs. Being a good person doesn't . As for others, you can only choose to accept them or walk away.

Love it......Live it.....

One of the most profoundly human things you can do is talk TO someone instead of about him.


Who is the Narcissist? – This is a rant

Exactly there is two sides to every story and I don't care if you told people what I've done just don't forget to tell them your part

Amen! LIFE RIGHT NOW! So over the drama and the people creating it because they want to play the victim. :/

You hate me because of made up situations in your own head. They aren't reality. But whatever, you needed a reason to justify your hate for me. couldn't have people knowing you hate me for no reason.


A society which chooses war against the police better learn to make peace with its criminals! 👈👈👈 Alotta truth to this.

Ohhhh yeah...you're right, you are innocent! :)

People push you to your limits, but when you finally explode and fight back . you are the mean one ! In this situation, the people pushing you to your limits know exactly how to control you . through the use of Shame Guilt. Shame on THEM.

teenager post... so incredibly true! this is AMAZING advice!! Just walk away from the drama! That's what I do, and I've never been bullied, never been made fun of (except for when my friends and I are joking around), or anything like that!

dont let anyones ignorance hate drama or negativity stop you from being that best person you can be.

911 dispatcher

Garden Critter Humor: Pardon me while I ravage everything else you're trying to grow. Image detail for - Weird Funny Photos: Squirrels With Mouths Full of Nuts

Ohhhh this is so good!  Don't make me out to be the bad guy when this was started by you.  My favorite by far!

A narcissist will never accept responsibility for their actions or the resulting circumstances. They prefer to play victim

It's the cold hard truth that some people ... lovers, friends, acquaintance ... just aren't what they seem.

It's the cold hard truth that some people .ahh huh can't deal with the new friends and respecting your old friends are pathetic!