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    Dwarf Fruit Trees & Shrubs

    Fruit trees and fruiting shrubs suitable for container planters, including cold-hardy varieties and indoor ornamental citrus.

    Dwarf Fruit Trees & Shrubs

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    Dwarf Columnar Urban Apple® Trees - new intros. Grow apples in a small vertical space. These trees grow 8-10' tall and only 2' wide. Zones 4-9.

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    Growing Fruit Trees in Containers. Master gardener Chris Dawson shares these tips for growing fruit trees in pots.

    Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

    An Alameda Garden: Raspberries in Containers: You Can Grow That!

    An Alameda Garden: Raspberries in Containers: You Can Grow That!

    New compact blueberry from the Brazelberries™ collection, this shrub offers white bell-shaped flowers in spring, sweet blueberries in summer and foliage ranging from peachy pink to orange to emerald green!

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    Raspberry Shortcake™ from the BrazelBerries™ Collection, Dwarf Thornless Raspberry, Monrovia

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    Meyer lemon. THE BEST of the lemons.

    attack of the man-eating pecan tree | the handmade home

    Container gardeners (and fruit lovers) rejoice! You don't need a big yard to grow delicious apples, plums or pears. With the right fruit, the right pot, the right compost and the right care, you can create your own little fruit orchard right on your balcony or terrace. - or if you have lots of black walnut trees in your yard!

    Growing Fruit In Pots

    This little citrus tree was given to me by one of my nurseries to "test drive" through the winter. I planted it up with some 'Citrus' Violas and placed it at one of my client's homes in a sunny, exposed area. *fingers crossed* Let's hope it truly is hardy to Zone 6 (we're in Zone 7B here in Georgia). We'll continue to feed it some of @Authentic Haven Natural Brew through the winter.

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    Hardy, living Olive Tree topiary in Decorative Pot from

    4" Clay Washpot Olive Tree - Gifts at

    Hybrid between mandarin orange & kumquat, bears fragrant white blossoms in late winter or spring. Wonderfully fragrant flowers develop into showy 1-inch-diameter orange fruits on a shrubby plant with glossy green foliage. Fruits can remain on plant for many weeks. Harvest fruits after they ripen, use like lemons or kumquats or make into marmalade. Name: x Citrofortunella microcarpa; Growing Conditions: Bright-intense light; 65-80 degrees F.; 55-65 degrees in winter; keep soil evenly moist.

    24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

    Branches laden with fruit - for floral arrangements! Bringing Nature Home - Photographed and written by the incredibly talented Ngoc Minh Ngo, Bringing Nature Home is a 200+ page glossy ode to the beauty of seasonal flowers, branches and vines. The floral work inside Bringing Nature Home was done by Brooklyn’s Nicolette Owen. #fruittrees #citrus

    Weekly Wrap-Up + Bringing Nature Home | Design*Sponge

    Dwarf Avocado Tree 'Little Cado' in a wine barrel. Late summer to early winter fruit-bearing. (Dwarf version of the Hass Avocado.) Not cold hardy.

    Dwarf Avocado Tree Little Cado

    Owari Satsuma Mandarin, potted dwarf fruit tree, for indoor gardens.

    Dwarf Fruit Trees

    New for 2013! Thornless Raspberry Bush, suitable for container gardening, from The BrazelBerries® Collection.

    BRAZELBERRIES - SNEAK PEAK of What's HOT at GMG for 2012!

    Dwarf, hardy, evergreen Blueberry Bush 'Peach Sorbet' with a compact, spherical habit, from The BrazelBerries® Collection.

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    Lemons and Rosemary, Michael Penney Style.

    Classic Martha - Potted Citrus

    Beautiful grouping of dwarf orange trees in terra cotta...the perfect complement to an edible garden.

    Benefits of Container Gardening |

    Espalier fruit trees in terra cotta pots.

    Living With Lis: ESPALIER

    A beautiful dwarf citrus tree from Shirley Bovshow in a bright blue olive pot, via www.edenmakersblo...

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    Loquat and other citrus trees: use an organic insecticidal soap or neem oil to manage pests, especially if moved indoors for winter. Water about 1/2 gallon per week, depending upon the time of year and exposure of your containers. Pruning three times a year (April, June, September) will increase branch structure, boost fruit production, and create a nice looking tree.

    Serenity in Design: Plant a Tree Indoors

    If there is a possibility that a citrus tree will be transplanted into the landscape or into a larger container - don't choose a pot like this one, which has a narrow opening. Your may need to smash the pot first in order to get the plant out.

    Container Gardening | How to grow lemon fruit trees in containers

    Container grown lemon tree: if there is a possibility that the plant may need to be transplanted, don't choose a pot with a narrow opening like this one. Once the tree matures, it will be almost impossible to get the tree out of the container, without smashing the pot first.

    Lemon tree for Container Gardening

    Little Ollie Dwarf Olive Tree (Olea europaea 'Montra') is a non-fruiting olive tree, useful for topiaries, Zones 8-11 cold-hardiness.

    Little Ollie® Dwarf Olive - Monrovia - Little Ollie® Dwarf Olive

    Potted Citrus Trees, Shirley Bovshow edible landscape, via her blog www.edenmakersblo...

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