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    Feed me, Seymour! VENUS FLY TRAP GARDEN STAKE|UncommonGoods. Made in USA.

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    Hanging Garden Bat Sculpture from Modern Artisans #gardenchat Everyone needs a bat in their garden, right? This steel sculpture mounts on your wall or fence or any vertical surface. Made in USA.

    Hanging Garden Bat Sculpture from Modern Artisans
    • Paul Bear
      Paul Bear

      Awesome. A very original ornament, sure to get a laugh from anyone passing it. It almost looks like you could rig a light inside of it, turn it into a porch light. Paul |

    Garden Trellis made with sticks you can find in the woods or even on the sidewalks of your neighborhood (especially after a windy day!)

    P. Allen Smith Garden Home

    Reclaimed wood, plant supports.

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    plant belle wire garden supports

    Plant Belles: Wire Supports for the Well Tamed Garden: Gardenista

    Garden designed by Nordfjell Landscape Architecture, modern arbor.

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    modern arbor

    Garden & Parks | Nordfjell Collection

    Lotus Bud Trellis

    H. Potter Planters - Shop Plant Stands, Terrariums | Wayfair

    Swan Planter | Arbor and Vine® Made in the USA

    Swan Planter
    • Arbor and Vine
      Arbor and Vine

      Thank you so much Nancy Wallace! :-)

    Fleur De Lis Garden Decor - Arbor and Vine | Arbor and Vine®

    Fleur De Lis Garden Decor - Arbor and Vine
    • Arbor and Vine
      Arbor and Vine

      Thank you for the share Nancy! It is so appreciated :-)

    ... let them sit and guard my garden gate

    Italian Girl in Georgia: Cottage Garden Inspiration

    Gothic Mirror - Large Cream - Harrod Horticultural

    Gothic Mirror - Large Cream - Harrod Horticultural

    Stone garden pendulums hang from railroad ties.

    Australian Vertical Gardens Create an Artful Outdoor Retreat

    Mexican Blue Stone

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    • Gail Brewster Simon
      Gail Brewster Simon

      I REALLY LIKE THESE. Where can you get them?

    • mary whittlesey
      mary whittlesey

      where can I buy one

    • Nancy Wallace
      Nancy Wallace

      Check with your local nursery to see if they will order for you. They are usually available in 40 lb. plastic bags, or in bulk, depending on the nursery. Gail Brewster Simon mary whittlesey

    trellis with clematis

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    • Libna Elizabeth Villatoro
      Libna Elizabeth Villatoro

      Bellísimas; linda idea!!!

    • cindi kimbrough
      cindi kimbrough

      Barb Pinoin! I'm with you! It's calming and serene. Simple things turned into a fabulous piece of, I guess you could say. I want one of those!

    • Bettiane Braun
      Bettiane Braun


    • Anne Whitehead
      Anne Whitehead

      Is the variety of clematic Nelly Moser?

    • Nancy Wallace
      Nancy Wallace

      Yes, I believe so.

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    Not fabric at all, but these painted stones. Yep, I think I love this.

    she moves the furniture: June 2010
    • pam mccormick
      pam mccormick

      I love this, can't wait to try making them.

    • Laura

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

    Cast Stone Planter, Shell rectangle

    Indoor Flower Pots - Not Found

    Clam Shell Planter

    Shell Opera Outdoor Planter

    Need this by the garden gate! #rooster

    Once upon a time..Tales from Carmel by the Sea
    • Deborah Bier
      Deborah Bier

      He... Has a flower growing out of his butt.

    • Nancy Wallace
      Nancy Wallace

      ha ha ....or maybe he's sitting on top of the sunflower crop ;-)

    Pinecone Wind Chime - Triple by Anecdotal Aardvark

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    Paper mache chickens are perfect for those who dream of having chicks, but don't want the responsibility... no directions on site.

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    • Christal Corliss
      Christal Corliss

      That would so freak out my neighbor. Got to do this ;)

    • Sandee Moore
      Sandee Moore

      The only way to enjoy chickens.

    Repurpose tin cans; Make these lovely outdoor luminaries

    Tin Can Lantern DIY
    • Elaine Krygowski
      Elaine Krygowski

      I have collected cans for a while--been meaning to do this--I think I will now that I am retired and have the time.

    • Lynn LeDuc
      Lynn LeDuc

      Oh my gosh, I love this idea, I am going to be collecting many cans now, can't wait to try this.

    • Stonepocket Unique Landscapes
      Stonepocket Unique Landscapes

      Great idea for the kids after they finish their soup. We needed some tree lights in the backyard , these would be perfect.

    Bird house with its own garden, built on a tree stump !!

    Meeting Joy Hale
    • Teresa Mohr
      Teresa Mohr

      How cute!

    • Cindy Nowotarski
      Cindy Nowotarski

      Casey Dietrich - ya got tree stumps?

    What a great idea...

    5th and state: Search results for spillers
    • Teresa Mohr
      Teresa Mohr

      Love unique pots.

    • Nancy Wallace
      Nancy Wallace

      Isn't this a CUTE idea Teresa Mohr ?

    Chain curtain

    The Chain Garden: Get the Look Leaf Magazine