Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Colorful Christmas Crafts for Kids by shannonagill

A Christmas craft a day for a week - Kids Christmas Crafts
  • annette lanson
    annette lanson

    This is really cute! I plan on doing this with my grandkids for the Christmas holidays!

Children's Christmas Wish List Awesome idea for the kids

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  • Preeti Saluja
    Preeti Saluja

    great. http://www.kidsonestopshop....

  • Mitsy Sutherland
    Mitsy Sutherland

    love it!!!

  • Megan C. Sage
    Megan C. Sage

    Brilliant idea! So cute!!!!

  • M'Leah Tyson
    M'Leah Tyson

    I think this is a bad idea. Cuz my kids will make sure they got everything they put on this.

  • Anita Buie-Nieto
    Anita Buie-Nieto

    Great idea love it

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17 Christmas Cookies Kids Can Help Make

Christmas Cookies Kids Can Help Make
  • Frances Zapata
    Frances Zapata

    Love it!

  • Ruth Purkis
    Ruth Purkis

    Wow so sweet

  • Susan Klein
    Susan Klein

    So cute!!!!!

  • Cookstarter App
    Cookstarter App

    very cute and they look tasty!

  • Charleigh backon
    Charleigh backon

    So cute

Paint swatches into gift tags!

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  • Lisa Bates
    Lisa Bates

    If there is a color shade label for each section, an additional tag or label could be incorporated in a poem or tag stating something like"The holidays come in all hues for all people!" and you're done!

  • Couponfreestuff Deals
    Couponfreestuff Deals

    how white out or something like that to mark out color names

  • Daly Bakker
    Daly Bakker

    Those paint swatches cost the paint store money. Taking a bunch of them is not fair.

  • Megan C. Sage
    Megan C. Sage

    Pretty - easy no paint clean for little ones up thank u!!!!

  • Kathlynn Schneider
    Kathlynn Schneider

    you can always use old ones you went to go get to paint the rooms LOL.

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Santa going down a cinnamon square chimney.

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11 fun christmas snacks! I really need to start making fun food for my sons!

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  • Adele Murphy
    Adele Murphy

    Great ideas!

  • Angellea Irwin
    Angellea Irwin


Rudolph the Red Nosed pancake. Cute!

Rudolph Pancake Breakfast {Kids Food Crafts}
  • Tonja Price Crumpton
    Tonja Price Crumpton

    Love this!!

  • lisa harris
    lisa harris

    very cute! i love the turkey bacon!

  • Savannah Hill
    Savannah Hill

    so cute

  • Crystal Packard
    Crystal Packard

    I am sooo doing this this year for Christmas breakfast!

  • Megan C. Sage
    Megan C. Sage

    Me too

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kids winter crafts

winter crafts for kids | Baby Matters Blog
  • Jill Birdwell
    Jill Birdwell

    very cool

  • Anne Parent
    Anne Parent

    s this too easy?

  • Brittany Caldwell
    Brittany Caldwell


  • Ana Brown
    Ana Brown

    One more for my students to make---in January! Thanks!

  • Julie Linford
    Julie Linford


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Alphabet Photo Block Ornaments

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  • Lolly Jane {}
    Lolly Jane {}

    we heart you, marn! XO

  • Sophia Lewis
    Sophia Lewis

    Very Cute

  • Krystalia Herrera
    Krystalia Herrera

    Love this! Have any idea on where to get individual blocks with letters S and B?

  • Lolly Jane {}
    Lolly Jane {}

    We snagged ours at a thrift store, Krystalia. You can prob order them off of Amazon or eBay :)

  • Krystalia Herrera
    Krystalia Herrera

    Thank you!

Easy craft for the kids

that artist woman: How to Make a Christmas Orange Pomander

After some searching these are the winning Reindeer cookies I'll make for Christmas!!! Maybe with ginger snap cookie rather than peanut butter.

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  • Anna Grace Sansing
    Anna Grace Sansing

    Would be cute for a Christmas Party!

  • Anne Parent
    Anne Parent

    Heh Steph, how about this?

  • Vickie Fetterman
    Vickie Fetterman

    so cute for the kiddos

  • Terri Patten
    Terri Patten


Children's Christmas Party

Children’s Christmas Party |

TONS of Christmas Sweets and Treats over at Sassy Sites! Come by and link up your goodies!

Sassy Sites!: Christmas Sweets and Treats!
  • 💗Moranda Marie💗
    💗Moranda Marie💗

    Cool is there any other site's for like 7 year old's and 2 year old's?

  • Audry butler
    Audry butler

    so cute

"Christmas Lights" Printable (free)

First Grade a la Carte: No Turtle Doves...
  • Christine Patton
    Christine Patton

    not free anymore

  • Crezetta Brown
    Crezetta Brown

    Printable is no longer available.

  • Angeleah Green
    Angeleah Green

    Bah humbug!

Reindeer/Rudolph Craft

little illuminations: Holiday Bulletin Boards
  • Sandra Walker South
    Sandra Walker South

    love this.

Student Elves

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  • Mitsy Sutherland
    Mitsy Sutherland

    love it!!!

Kids go online and report what their elf has been up to. Cute, and lots of ideas

Magic Elf Adventure Ideas - Elf Magic
  • Mary Tellefsen
    Mary Tellefsen

    My kids "freed" the elves. Put them in the back yard and told them they were no longer needed to watch them and they could walk back to the North Pole.

Pancake Christmas tree #Christmas breakfast

Pancake Christmas Tree.

Christmas Light Cookies

Baking is Better With M | Facebook

Reindeer donuts - perfect companion to the snowman donuts!

Christmas Reindeer Mini Donuts

Borax snowflakes - If you have Borax at home, you SO need to do this with the kids. Do it after dinner, and by breakfast the kids will be amazed at what has happened! We have 8 snowflakes hanging in our window just a-sparkling away!

Snow and Ice Activities for Kids Part II - delia creates
  • Lee Armada
    Lee Armada

    so cool. I'm doing this!!!!!!!

  • Lori Messenger
    Lori Messenger

    I'm going to try this with my nieces over Thanksgiving.

  • Malory L
    Malory L

    Don't let your kids play with borax...

  • Kristin Waters
    Kristin Waters

    i love this awesome great wonderful

  • Rachel Heck
    Rachel Heck

    anyone find the instructions on how to do this. It keeps taking me to Holiday allergies safe food

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christmas crafts easy kids

a little delightful: frosty, is that you?!

I like the idea of decorating flat gingerbread houses at a party instead of time consuming 3-D houses.then they can eat them!

1-2-3 Gingerbread Houses

reindeer sugar cookies

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Christmas Tree brownies.

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  • Nikki W
    Nikki W

    How fun!