Satomi Yuriko
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"Yasuhara Ema" || Artist: "Yuran (cozyquilt)"

Awn so moe! A lovely nice girl with pretty style on her hair and school study ideas on her mind

Alice in Wonderland || anime girl

((ALICE: Alyssa AND THE HATTER: Nameless Roleplay we online )) Alice smiled as she tied her dress. The hatter asked her to dress pretty before coming back to Wonderland. She was so excited to see him. (credit to

Anime picture with aikatsu! kiriya aoi hiten goane ryu long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer blue eyes simple background fringe blue hair standing holding looking back grey side ponytail head tilt drinking girl

"Shut your dumb mouth, Tiffany." "That's not very nice." "I'm not very nice.

Anime girl cute

i really like this outfit that this anime girl is wearing with the white graphic shirt and the capri pants with the sandals, fedora, and tote bag.