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a lamp with a map on it sitting next to two framed pictures and a painting
Children's lights | Children's lighting
recycled map lampshade
several lanterns are lined up on a shelf
The Messes of Men
a white and gold wall hanging on the side of a building with an ornate design
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Lumhier by LAMUR
a lamp that is lit up in the dark with stars on it and a cityscape
what a
poke small holes in a dark lampshade to make a picture. Nice with a city sky line
a bunch of different colored globes hanging from the ceiling
Marion WD
globe lamps!!
a chair and table in front of a wall with an intricate pattern on the walls
20 Creative DIY Project Ideas
TetraBox Lamp
two metal light bulbs hanging from a wooden wall next to another one with holes in it
Spray paint through lace on bulbs.
a bedroom scene with focus on the bed and shoes
BonBon Lamp
how to make origami ornaments with lights in the background and instructions on how to fold them
Paper cube lights
an instagram with a woman holding clouds in the air
Cloud Lights
Cloud lights.
a white bird cage hanging from the ceiling
before & after: birdcage chandelier
#DIY birdcage chandalier
a glass jar filled with leaves on top of a wooden table next to a lit candle
Love this! Create a Leaf lantern this Fall. Just leaves + Modge Podge. I use teeny tea lights inside the jar.
a light that is on top of a shelf
Light bulb made from tea strainers
Light bulb made from tea strainers
there are many different types of lamps on the mantle
The Things
light hats
a chandelier made out of wine glasses hanging from it's center point
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Chandelier by MATTEO GONET - just love it