Really cute idea!

date night in a jar

Cute idea for "Date Night." Color-coded Popsicle sticks drawn out of a jar for random date ideas: Dark red for more expensive dates.pale pink for stay-at-home-dates, and dark pink for affordable local dates

One pinner said: "I did this for my husband when he was deployed. I sent him off with a big stack of letters that said (when you need Prayer, Love, Laughs, etc)" Love the idea!

I love this idea. Give him a slew of envelopes, each one with a specific condition. Examples are: Open when you are feeling sick. Open when you need motivation. Open when work is aggravating you. Open when you need to remember how much I love you.

Care Packages | Deployment Diva - Jessica Aycock Health Coach

Creating care packages during deployment is a helpful way to pass the time and stay connected to your loved one. Here are my top 5 tips for making an epic care package:

Military Service Deployment Care Package by abidingwordcreations, $9.00

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The F-words box deployment care package lol! Everything in the box started with the letter "F" ! Funioins, fiddle faddle, flips pretzels,  fluffy stuff cotton candy, fruit roll ups, fitness magazine, fire balls, flarp, fudge stripes cookies, fruit punch drink mix, goldFish. .ect

The F-words box deployment care package lol! Everything in the box started with…

Notes for different things: when you can't sleep, when you miss me, when you had a bad day, when you don't feel good

The Young Retiree: Pre-Deployment Care Package :: Letters from Home. so cute, definitely will do if we ever come up to a deployment