Savannah Childrens Museum

Savannah Childrens Museum

Savannah,GA / Savannah Children's Museum's Exploration Station - a 1 acre, 2-level unique interactive exhibit area - is NOW OPEN! Follow us on Pinterest for great ideas, tips
Savannah Childrens Museum
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another cute sock puppet

another cute sock puppet

Dinosaur Sock Puppet 2

Turn a sock into a dinosaur with a our dinosaur sock puppet craft. This dinosaur sock puppet craft makes a fantastic preschool craft and activity. Try this and more kids dinosaur crafts at All Kids Network!

Funk Monster Sock Puppet

The Funky Monster Sock Puppet gives children the chance to create their own silly sock puppet. This is a great idea for birthdays or slumber parties.

Jolly Giraffe Sock Puppet

Jolly Giraffe Sock Puppet This giraffe sticks its neck out in style. A kneesock creates the long neck, and felt forms the trademark spots and mane.

Baxter's Sock Puppet #2

He's has a near-sighted look. Magoo look for me because that's how I feel.