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bike handle

Bicycles are great things to ride, but awkward things to carry. a better way to carry them is Walnut Studiolo's Bicycle Frame Handle, a simple leather strap that lets you carry your ride safely, easily, and ergonomically.

pt savin  Bicycle Generators

7 shocking facts about bike generators. Not efficient, cannot keep up with need, expensive -- enough said!

Dog shower in the garage...this is genius

Doggie shower in garage. Love this idea. Also seen it done like a mud room with a door to the exterior so the dogs can go in and out but can be closed off from the rest of the house (like a giant dog house with all the amenities attached to your house!

Solar powered tents

Camping - Solar powered tent What? This would be awesome to camp in. Someone used their head and invented the best woman's tent ever.


We have seen solar powered lighting solutions previously, but none of them was as innovative as the SunLight concept designed by Hermann Eske. The SunLight is a solar-powered light in which the solar panels are.

Nitecore Tiny Monster flashlight belts out 3,500 lumens By Ben Coxworth  April 22, 2013

Nitecore Tiny Monster flashlight belts out lumens - that much light is temporarily blinding. This would be as much a weapon as a laser