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Mi creación...disfraz de payasa.

Mi creación...disfraz de payasa.

Eh, what's up Doc? #DoctorWho

Can we have an episode where the Doctor is cartoonized and meets Bugs? It would be totally ridiculous, but hysterically funny. Has to be the Doctor though.


Animaniacs just got better. Oh no, my brain started singing the theme song, with Gallifreyniacs instead of Animaniacs, and I realized you don't have to change any other words and it still frigging works.

If daleks starred in classic movies: Exterminatin' in the Rain (The Daily Dalek)

Your Favorite Classic Movies, Now Starring Daleks oh what a glorious thing


pixalry: “Gallifrey - Created by Danny Haas Prints available for sale at his Shop.

The TARDIS infographic. Enjoy.

Awesome I counted I thought it had at least 15 bathrooms and I thought the swimming pool was separate then the library, huh the more you know I guess