Graphic designer David Szakaly is a giant in the world of the animated gif, and posts his hypnotic creations on his Tumblr.

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The GRID by Tomas M.. The video is inspired by lots of various designs that contains geometric shapes and by the idea that these shapes could interact with each other in motion. So it started as a series of motion tests that became one bigger motion graphics projects. No 3D software, no plugins were used here, all geometric shapes were animated by hand in After Effects.

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Here is my 2016 Reel. Its also the title sequence to a film/TV series I'd love to see. But who are those names in the credits? Created in Cinema 4D Rendered with Physical Renderer and Arnold. All elements, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, compositing, etc by Joel Dubin. Song "Love" by Air. Copywrite 2009 Virgin Records.

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