Silvie Mahdal ( “Basic tips for realistic drawing of LOWER eyelashes”

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I will make yøu queen øf everything.

starlitscully: “The deeper the blue, the more it calls man to... (A Feminine Tomboy)

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How To Draw Jack Skellington - Art For Kids Hub -

How To Draw Jack Skellington - Art for Kids Hub

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rosiepals: “you’re worth it xx ”:

something was changing inside her, like how grey stains rainclouds except.this wasn't a storm. It was colors and kisses and honey on her lips. She tasted better than fire whisky, and daisy knew that had to mean something

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Drawing Challenges Top Image Row Left, Middle Row Right) and Row 3 Row Left, Right Bottom Image

Illustration by Bradley Jay - Image of 'Das Allerletzte' Limited Edition Giclée Fine Art Print

Illustrations/Comics (b/n) on Behance by Alessandro Ripane

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The Ordinary Young Man, por Fernando Cobelo