Join us at the Kimberly Library September 12, 19, 26 from 3:45-4:30 to learn basic sign language. The program is geared for children K-6 and will cover letters, numbers, colors, days of the week, question words, basic sentences, and frequently used signs in school.

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This graphic image gives signs in British Signs Language of times such as one o'clock

BSL Time Signs Page

Goodnight Moon ASL

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BBC - CBeebies - Printout

Where, Why, How, When, Who, What

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sign language~ words


The Creative SENterprise Project: Makaton

The Creative SENterprise Project: Makaton

My Choice Pad Lite which contains the signs and symbols from the Stage One Makaton Core Vocabulary.

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BBC - CBeebies - Ball

Baby and Toddler Signing: Bridging Communication #specialneed #parening #education #ece #earlyed

"Spin-Doctor Parenting"

MyChoicePadLite: This taster app turns the iPad into a simple and intuitive communication aid featuring grids of 27 core vocabulary Makaton symbols and signs.These symbols can help children with learning or communication difficulties make requests, initiate conversation and learn new vocabulary. A single press on a cell speaks the text and places the symbol in the speech bar ready to compose a phrase. Press and hold on a cell and you get a pop-up display with a drawing or a video of the sign...

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Music magic with makaton resource collection - A selection of videos with supporting sign language that encourage participation in a fun but structured way.

Music magic with makaton - Resources - TES

Makaton signs - excellent resource for Disability Awareness Badge. Have loads more

November 5th Makaton Symbols & Signs - iChild

The tagline says it all. A communication app using makaton symbols and videos ...with the ability to add your own pictures.

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Makaton uses signs and symbols to help kids communicate

The Makaton Charity: Home page

Some free Makaton resources related to seasons, events, etc (e.g. Halloween, Christmas)

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Free makaton resources

Makaton Online Shop

Singing Hands: Three Little Monkeys - with Makaton, via YouTube.


makaton - Google Search

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The wheels on the bus - Sing Up. Also links to Old MacDonald, row your boat, and if you are happy and you know it. These are videos of a lady signing the songs in makaton

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Print off this activity to see the Makaton symbols for this version of the Nativity story.

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Free Makaton resources

Makaton Online Shop

Good resource describing Makaton, how it is taught in stages, and a diagram of those stages.

Makaton Online Shop

Print off this activity to see the Makaton symbols and signs for key words associated with Halloween.

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