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Kids...Mathematics & Numeracy

Kids...Mathematics & Numeracy

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"Printables" - A Unique Way to Learn Long Division. If someone had taught me this when I was a child I probably wouldn't have found long division so challenging. Awesome.

"Printables" - Incredible printable resources for teaching addition.

"Printables" - Incredible printable resources for teaching basic subtraction.

"Printables" - Blank Addition Facts Table.

"Printables" - Addition Facts Table #'s 1 through 10.

"Printables" - Single Digit Additon - Adding 1's.

"Printables" - Single digit addition - Adding 2's.

"Printables" - Great Addition Activity - "How Tall Is The Mountain" - When added together the two numbers at the bottom of each triange should equal the number at the top. (unnumbered PDF included in post). Can make as simple or complex as desired. Could also use for multiplication.

"Printables" - Adding One More - A great math activity and story extension for Jan Brett's "The MItten"

"Printables" - Pirate Themed Number Cards - Practicing numbers 1 to 30 OR counting by 100's (to one thousand) OR couting by 5's (to one hundred).

"Printables" - Roll the Dice and Add.

"Printables" - Alligator Greater - Buy regular goldfish and the child glue them down into the two ponds. Next the child must cut out and glue the sign pointing the correct way and then add those ferocious teeth!! It really helps them remember that the gator only eats the biggest group because it's sooooo hungry!

"Printables" - A cute way to explore the concepts of estimation.

"Printables" - Math Mittens (This particular one is FREE in a PDF format - see bottom of post).

2-D Shapes

3-D Shapes

Great visual for all of the ways to add the number ten! Decomposing numbers/ composing numbers.

"Printables" - Candy Corn Math

Addition Fact Family Review with plastic eggs + other ideas for using plastic eggs to play and learn. #Momto2PoshLilDivas

In-Home Store - A Nice Way to Teach/Learn About Money.

Great "Reusable" Jellyfish File Folder Game - Just need a file folder, some velcro and imagination.

Whole-y Cow - A Book For Beginner Fractions.

Pizza Math Ideas.

Hula-Hoop on a Whiteboard Clock.