Artist: Kirk Reinert (original web source unknown)

The Kentauroi, or Centaurs, were half human half horse creatures that lived in the forests and mountains of Magnesia. They were first spawned by Nephele, a cloud nymph who was raped by King Ixion.

Lady Gaga  “I had a boyfriend who told me I’d never succeed, never be nominated for a Grammy, never have a hit song, and that he hoped I’d fail. I said to him, ‘Someday, when we’re not together, you won’t be able to order a cup of coffee at the fucking deli without hearing or seeing me.”  ― Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga as a unicorn! Lady Gaga has done it again, pushing the boundaries of fashion and beyond. Her latest shots feature her as a unicorn and a very stylish one at that! This is fashion as art and we love it! What could she do next?

Liz's Sketch Blog

lizsketch: “ My friends from BYU successfully Kickstarted the second volume of their art anthology Reality Not Included! One of the project heads, Christopher Hayes, asked me to create an poster.


nu/evolutionairleiderschapde-centaur / A centaur or hippocentaur is a mythological creature with the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse. In early Attic and Beotian

Fantasy creature much like the karalanth deer people in Dark Moon Rising only she has goat horns instead of antlers. #DarkMoonRising #Fantasy

"Centaur Warrior Stage 4 (SuperRare)" by MIchael Anthony Gonzales (mictones) on DeviantArt. (art, demon, with horns, archer)

Centaur Archer

Centaur Warrior Stage 2 (SuperRare) by mictones Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Macabre & Horror