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Strengthen your inner thighs and burn major calories with this 10-minute power workout! via @SparkPeople

Strengthen your inner thighs and burn major calories with this power workout! via *Don't forget that our bodies are designed to carry a little bit of fat in the inner thigh area, so please don't obsess over producing an "inner thigh gap"!

I saw this on a friend's page and went WHOA. How many people do you know who have low self-esteem? Pass this on to them. Exercise benefits everyone. :)

If you can go through years of self-hatred, you can survive a couple of intense workouts. True that!

Motivation //

So if i do these will i look like this? Eat more vegetables. Drink more water and green tea. Get more sleep. Work out minutes daily. and think positive

This & That--I don't know the medical validity of this pin, but if you want to eat something healthy instead of something not healthy, these are excellent suggestions.

Food Craving Chart: Craving THIS? - When we have cravings, it’s because our bodies are in need of something. Instead of eating the junk food that comes to mind, try eating one of these healthy alternatives instead…

Super easy DIY reindeer sign! See how to make your own for your Christmas decor!

DIY Christmas Reindeer Sign - An easy Christmas DIY sign with a full tutorial. Great Christmas sign to set in the house or hang as art for the holiday season. Also a great fireplace topper!