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30 Amazing Tattoo Designs for Men | Tattooton

Here is a list of 30 Amazing Tattoo Designs for Men. Let me make it clear for you about what is actually the art of Tattooing! Tattooing is the art by which one

Incredibly-Artistic-Abstract-Tattoo-Designs-21.jpg (600×600)

The beauty and the confusion of abstract art and thereby abstract tattoo designs comes from the premise that the same thing means something different to different people. But we have already established that if you are going for an abstract t

Fleur de lys sketch

this would make a great tattoo. brush strokes and all.I like the idea of the brush stroke more than the actual tattoo. But I would like to modify it so that there's a pink ribbon in the center of the tattoo.

SEF at Humble Beginnings Tattoo in San Jose California also KavaOne.com for Fresh Gear

*use this* take solid black lines down to connect top and bottom tatties to get uniform look

Throne Codex by ProjectWarSword on deviantART

Throne Codex by ProjectWarSword on deviantART-Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

happy quotes | Tumblr

Here's something inspiring from 2 of the greatest icons of our history, Michael Jackson & Michael Jordan.