C2W1 Cycle 2, Week 1, Classical Conversations

H=Charlemagne, Geo=Continents/Oceans, E=8 parts of speech, L=1st conjugation, present tense, Math=1/2s, Sci=7 biomes, Art=OILS, JVC=varying surface temperatures, why satellites look stationary
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101 Websites That Every Elementary Teacher Should Know About

101 Websites for Elementary Teachers (and parents with elementary school aged kids!

great lapbooking/ foldable site- check out for notebooks

The Chronicle of the Earth: lapbook - lovely multi-sensory lap book. Lots of shape, color, folding,etc.

Tennessee's academic vocabulary project has some unusual games ideas and dictionary links

Vocabulary In this activity, a vocabulary word is taped to each colored spot on the Twister game. An adult will say the definition of a vocabulary word and the child will place his or her hand or foot on the correct word.

3D Salt Dough Maps

3D Salt Dough Maps for Kids

Africa Salt Dough Map- Kid World Citizen Simple step-by-step instructions on how to make salt dough maps: kids learn about physical maps, practice geography, make landforms, etc.

Multiplication Resources

Julie Adama posted Multiplication Resources in Laura Candler's online file cabinet - Loads of freebies and the free Mastering Math Facts webinar recording to her -school planning- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Lots of science printables.

Science coloring book for kids = awesome

MEGA MAPS! Free huge map printables

Classroom maps - Work directly on the map- HUGE printable

Homeschoolers Guide to Free Kindle Books | Contented at Home

Homeschooler's Guide to Free Kindle Books

Grow your homeschool library without breaking the bank! Each of these books from the Boy Ranchers series is FREE for Kindle.

Maps to go with Audio Memory Geography Songs (by Kathy Troxel)

Printable Maps (for all the countries of Africa) designed to go with Audio Memory Geography Songs (by Kathy Troxel) used in Sonlight Core C

Free Latin Charts by Classical Academic Press | YES!!!

Latin - Free Latin Charts by Classical Academic Press-Noun Declensions and Verb Conjugations

Drawing the World by Heart

Wold map printable for Geo Blob Drawing

Essentials Student Notebook

Classical Conversations Essentials Class- How Build an Essentials Student Notebook (someday)

Schoolhouse rocks - Prepositions

The Lionel Trains Show - Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar Rock - Busy Prepositions

The Countries of the World Song - Asia

The Countries of the World Song - Asia (+playlist)

The Biome Song

Parr has awesome songs that have really helped my kids remember important science terms! My Biome Song

Sample Activity Book Pages to learn about Believers around the world.

From Voice of the Martyrs: Kids of Courage publishes 30 Bold Believers activity books, each featuring one country or topic.