Do not talk to me, do not be within 5 feet of me, do not attempt to make eye contact with me. Don't.

Stay away from me…

Don't talk to me until coffee. "Just because I'm awake at doesn't mean I'm ready to do things.

I have no idea if this is correct or not, but that is a great comeback!

will we ever study though? (nope

Why Didn't You Study? :)- this kids awesome!:)haha- Would it have been easier to study then figure the math for that?

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。◕‿◕ The next time you get a call from a blocked number answer the phone and say It's done, but there's blood everywhere! This is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that!


This is so true it take me a an hour to clean up after dinner. My wife can cook, clean do the dishes and dry them. All in one hour. I don't know what takes me so long.

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Who ever made the creepy noise isn't gonna come in and say all crap their feet are inside the blanket!

I'm About To Blow A Fuse

I’m About To Blow A Fuse

Funny pictures about I'm About To Blow A Fuse. Oh, and cool pics about I'm About To Blow A Fuse. Also, I'm About To Blow A Fuse photos.

This certainly explains a lot about my kids behavior growing up!!  lol  =P

so true, so what excuses are our children going to have with the shit they watch today?

Why does this seem like something that would happen to me when the babies are asleep!

3 out of 4 voices in my head want to sleep. the other wants to know if penguins have knees!

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25+ Best Funny Minion Quotes On The Internet

Maybe you should eat some makeup so you can try and be pretty on the inside.

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