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Preschool Science

Preschool Science

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Scientist of the Month - The Teacher Garden

Scientist of the Month - The Teacher Garden

Interesting slideshow of fifteen amazing animals who use camouflage to adapt to the habitat.

Finding seeds in foods-Preschool Science Inquiry

Foods with Seeds Science Investigation

Density towers! Love it!

Density of Liquids illustrated.

Find out how to make Exploding Milk in vibrant colors. My kids were amazed!

Exploding Milk Experiment

hundreds of cool science experiments.

Pick up thousands of rice grains with a pencil
  • Ana Clara Vieira
    Ana Clara Vieira


This is my FAVORITE experiment to do with kids!

Erupting Volcano | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science
  • Angela Pisani
    Angela Pisani

    WOW this looks fantastic

Science in the preschool classroom

Science in the preschool classroom

science fun for the Summer

Magic potion #2 | Mini-eco

Over 25 AMAZING Science Experiments for Kids - So many fun ideas I can't wait to try!

Fun Science Activities for Kids ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

20+ Science Activities for Kids that are Perfect for Spring!

Wear an old sock over your shoe. Go for a nature walk. Remove sock, spritz with water & put into a ziploc bag. Hang the bag in a window for 2 what GROWS! Very cool! Also check out Mrs. Drake's webpage for science resources. It's a GOLDMINE!

Mrs. Drakes room -SCIENCE
  • Michelle Dicus
    Michelle Dicus

    I thought Braden might like to do this!

Spangler Science color mixing!

The Hands-On Teacher: "Friday Science" Fun with Spangler!
  • Kanwaljit Kaur
    Kanwaljit Kaur

    super cool

10 easy science and chemistry experiments for kids. Includes making slime, crystal spikes, baking soda volcanoes and mentos/diet coke explosions

20 Fun Kid-Friendly Chemistry Projects

50 ideas for science in the kitchen

Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids | Science Sparks

Exploding bags with baking soda and vinegar-science lesson. They take off like rockets!--kids would love, I would love this

All Things Beautiful: Summer Fun #43: Fizzy Explosion Bags
  • Ashley Martinez
    Ashley Martinez

    My daughter just did this for her 5th grade science project.... She had a blast doing it!!!

  • Phyllis Bergenholtz
    Phyllis Bergenholtz

    They don't really take off like rockets, but they do give a satisfying "pop."

  • Faith McCarthy
    Faith McCarthy

    the bags we used were too strong and didn't pop.

Color Changing Milk: A Creative Science Experiment - Kids Activities Blog

  • marie disenso
    marie disenso

    great experiment for kids

Cool science experiment! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce... how fun!

Science Saturday - Eggstreme Science
  • Mindy Georgi
    Mindy Georgi

    O my gosh that is so cool

  • E. Vincent
    E. Vincent

    how long does it take?

  • Jaclyn Mickelson
    Jaclyn Mickelson

    How cool!

  • jenni shelton
    jenni shelton

    My daughter did this experiment as a 6th grader focusing on osmosis. Great and easy experiment. After we dissolved the shell we put one in corn syrup and one in water, very cool.

10 Science Experiments for Preschoolers ~ Creative Family Fun - tornado in a bottle, stages of matter, make a cloud, siphon water, how sound is made, diet coke mentos, how water travels through a plant

10 Science Experiments for Preschoolers

12 fun and hands-on science explorations for kids that will get them excited about science

10 Exploding Mad Scientist Potions

8 Recipes for Disaster

10 Christmas Science activities

Christmas Science Experiments | Science Sparks

make magic sand - build castles under water - the sand stays dry!!!! This site has fabulous science projects....

  • Anna Hardcastle
    Anna Hardcastle

    my students will love this

  • Sandra Thompson
    Sandra Thompson

    In am doing this with my grand daughters class of three year old's. They are going to love it as much as she did the first time I did it with her.

  • Camille Brandt
    Camille Brandt

    I love it! We are doing this in class this week...

Tons of great kid-friendly science experiments using things around your home!

Kid Projects - 3/23 - Housing a Forest
  • Vanessa Flemmings
    Vanessa Flemmings

    Yes. I need a science activity for class. Will let you know how much fun the children had.

Experiment the Kids love - What dissolves in water?

  • Liz Branniff
    Liz Branniff

    Will give it a go!