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Essential oil pain cream recipe, all natural, young living, rheumatoid arthritis testimonials with the coconut oil.There are so many fantastic uses for Young Living Essential Oils! Interested in purchasing?

Wart removal with essential oils (frankincense, oregano, lemon grass)

Natural, Effective Wart Removal

Natural Wart Removal - Quick wart removal with essential oil treatment. Great painless option for the kids! Keeping in mind in case one of the girls gets a wart.

Thieves Essential Oil for Canker Sores! Try this DIY Recipe when you need a little relief!

Canker Sores are NO FUN, and they pop out of nowhere! If you happen to get one, and want it to go away quickly, try using Thieves Essential Oil for Canker Sores. Thieves Essential Oil for Canker Sores is an All-Natural way to take the pain away and &