Here's a measurement activity where students measure their body parts in metric units of course and record the measurements.

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Twelve task cards that ask students to multiply a three digit number by a two digit number. You can use these in your classroom in so many different ways! Each card has a QR code, so students can self-check. I also included an answer sheet and an answer key, if you would rather use it as more of an assessment or carousel activity.

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This is a very fun and engaging adaptation to the traditional dice game of Farkle! This game reinforces the concept of subtraction with regrouping (and without). You will need 6 regular dice to play this multi-player game. Students roll all dice, decide which point-earning dice to keep aside and keep rolling.

Are you looking for a creative new way to have your students practice multiplication? Try Tiling! In Tiling activities, students will use the provided "digit tiles" to place the numbers 0 - 9 to fill in the holes left in provided multiplication equations. While trying to figure out where the missing numbers go, students will work on basic facts, properties of multiplication and problem solving skills.

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