Yes (Nothing to do with Doctor Who but I had to do it anyway! Please don't hurt me)<<Its called the phandom not the Danisnotonfire/AmazingPhil Fandom .

The Janoskians;)

Janoskians on

The Janoskians! James, Daniel, Luke, Jai and Beau! I don't think they can take a normal picture!

Jack and Finn =)

Jack and Finn Harries. The fact that they are British makes them even more cuter

Patty Walters

Patty Walters is the bestest! Me and my best friend met him at a sleeping with sirens concert and he was the cutest person! I LOVE HIM.

Connor Franta- I'm going to miss you! #ILoveYouConnor

Conner Franta, I admit it. I balled my eyes out during this video.

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