If emergency strikes…

If emergency strikes…

A hilarious situation showing a giant spider that is sitting right next to the emergency button. An ironic caption says that in case of emergency no one will want to push the button because of the bug.

DIY Camping toilet. No more bushes! This is BRILLIANT!

use a bucket and a milk crate as an emergency toilet. Please tell, in what sort of emergency situation would you have a bucket, a milk crate, and a toilet SEAT but no actual toilet?

10 things they don't tell you after giving birth ~ couldn't have written any of it better myself. HAHA! this all is sooooooooooooo true!

10 Things They Don't Tell You After Giving Birth

Happily After Giving Birth – 10 Things They Don't Tell You! This was the funniest thing i've read in a long time and should be handed out along with the prenatal vitamins. Don't look and pooing is scary.

Ok...I know what your thinking....but these are the backs of the bar stools!!

I know what your thinking.but these are the backs of the bar stools! OMG soooooo much fun,every bar should have these stools LOL


I was cold - So I mades an Igloo. Funny picture of cute dog hiding inside of a pillow. Hilarious captions of funniest, cutest and stupidest animals. More pictures of catz, dogz and other funny animals added daily. Submit your own.

oh Target

How Target works.

The danger of shopping at Target. This is me at Target shopping with the girls every single time!

Duck Dynast quote- soooo funny!!!

I'm So Dope, I'm Illegal In 55 States. Duck Dynasty overload :P


I never sing it that way cuz its disturbing. I sing "rock a bye baby, mommy's sweetheart. When the moon glows, the baby will rock. 'Til the dawn breaks, my light from above shine down upon baby, cradled in love.


Team A-hole. Never join a team and when they say there's no I in team and that your not a team player say, thanks for your keen observation Brilliantstein but there is an I in team A-hole, let me show you. It's in the a-hole.

Santa, Baby for Moms... Haha

Santa, Baby: The Mom Version

Santa Baby: the mom version. If you are a mom, you will totally get this and laugh extremely hard :)