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After church, we took the Metro North train up to Tarrytown. It's about a 45 minute train ride. We took a taxi to the Lyndhurst Castle, a Go.

dechet barry rosenthal01 525x700 Les déchets de Barry Rosenthal photographie bonus art

Photographer Barry Rosenthal arranges beach trash that he collects around New York Harbor into artful compositions for his photo series "Found in Nature." Rosenthal talks about the project in this .

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Everything is blue his pills, his hands, his jeans and now I'm covered in the colors Pulled apart at the seams♡

Pratt and Larson Tile and Stone: Coverings 2012 part 2 - The Panels

Pratt and Larson Tile. Benefits of selling the stuff.doing a custom mosaic with 4 finishes in grays,white and taupe for master bath shower panel.