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Squares and Square Roots Bingo

$1 for Math Dollar Deals on 12/20/16! Squares and Roots Bingo! Great way for middle school math students to practice their squares and square roots! Comes with 30 game boards and calling cards. The game can be used as a whole group, small group math centers, or for math intervention.

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Multiplying Polynomials Task Cards

$1 Tuesday Dec. 20 Multiplying polynomials. Given polynomial side lengths, students find areas and perimeters of rectangles while practicing polynomial multiplication and addition. Students are also asked to evaluate their expressions given a value of x. This polynomial activity links what students already know about finding areas to working with polynomials and is great for students who need visuals.

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#MathDollarDeals in December

#MathDollarDeals in December - every Tuesday in December a select group of secondary math sellers will offer TWO products at $1 each!

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Algebraic Reasoning Pennant

$1 Tues. December 27

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Slope Tree

$1 Tuesday Dec 20 Students find the slope between 2 points in this collaborative activity. All answers are integers from coordinates with and without negatives. Each leaf has a slope problem that students complete, color and cut out. Students then add their leaves to your classroom tree.

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Simplifying Radicals Coloring and Solve Quadratics Puzzle on sale for $1 on Dec. 13 #mathdollardeals

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Connect Four: Add and Subtract Rational Numbers - 8th Grade Math

$1 on Tuesday, December 6th! 8th Grade Math Connect Four game that helps students practice adding and…

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Right Triangles - Angles of Elevation & Depression Color-By-Number

On sale for $1 on Dec. 13 - for more deals search #mathdollardeals Right Triangles - Angles of Elevation and Depression Color-By-Number WorksheetThis color-by-number worksheet covers the concepts of Angles of Elevation and Depression in story problem format.

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Solving Two-Step Equations Scavenger Hunt

#mathdollardeals Solving Two-Step Equations Scavenger Hunt $1 on 12/20 only

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