Use with poetry unit:  "Block Out Poetry with art" using old newspapers or books...this could be cool...

"Black Out Poetry" using old newspapers or books. SUCH A COOL IDEA. maybe a creative writing assignment!

be you

Letting go is love. Holding on is attachment. Love without depending.

Idea for my oldest child's room or a nice mirror phrase . Be You - Believe in Yourself.

sunflower fort! I had one for several summers and loved it!

Sunflower House: fun to play in once the sunflowers grow tall! I have seen this done with on large square with side "rooms" and an entrance area. Fun for kids especially if they plant seeds and tend .making their own playhouses.

Sometimes people are beautiful not in looks, not in what they say, just in what they are. - I Am The Messenger   (sorry - I was overly trustworthy of the source that I originally discovered the quote)

This is one of my favorite quotes, and it's done beautifully. but it's not from The Book Thief. It's from another Markus Zusak book called I Am the Messenger

We end up dreaming instead of sleeping - Taylor Swift, 22

We end up dreaming instead of sleeping - Taylor Swift, this song. Maybe its because I am about to turn 22 in 7 weeks

Chelsea Kane

A short bob can be a great hairstyle for you to make a statement. These stylish short bobs have many famous fans. Take a look these chic short bob hairstyles.


Essentially, you affix crayons to the top of a canvas, and blast them with a hair dryer. Watch as the colors bleed down the canvas, creating a beautiful, colorful mess! I can imagine this being a great project to hang in a child's room. This is very cool!

mistakes are proof that you are trying

inspirationwordslove: “ mistakes are proof t inspiration positive words ”


sometimes love lost is the hardest thing.