I gazed into the pond. This is what I did, every night. Of course, the girl staring back at me was not my reflection, she was who these others worshipped.


Anime horoscope a Sagittarius ♐️<< I'm Cancer! ♋️^^^Scorpio♏️>>>>>I'm a Pisces♓, but it and Aquarius should really be switched<<<I'm a virgo

Anime girl holding a flower

Anime girl holding a flower i love the "one thing colored" style Me too girl me too

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This picture gives me a warm, nostalgic feeling. The girl in this picture is a true vision - sitting on a field of flowers with sunlight shining on her. <<This reminds me of Persephone, wife of Hades from Greek mythology


When i saw this it remided me of me i play the cello and love anime hence anime girl playing the cello


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