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The Walking Dead 006 Vol. 1 "Days Gone Bye" #TheWalkingDead #comic #comics #Free #amc

Comic Book Artist: Tony Moore Tony Moore is worldwide known as the first penciler, inker and colorist for the Walking Dead comics, also one of the responsable for the most memorable covers for this series.

The Walking Dead 001 Vol. 1 "Days Gone Bye" #TheWalkingDead #comic #comics #Free #amc

The Walking Dead October Cover by Tony Moore. Before it was a must see TV show, It was a must READ comic! Pick up the compendium or Trade paperback. This comic will set you back 700 big ones, at least.

The Walking Dead 008 Vol. 2 "Miles Behind Us" #TheWalkingDead #comic #comics #Free #amc

The Walking Dead comic book covers are the finest examples of how good cover art can sell a book. I was one of the lucky few that ordered issue of the comic when it first came out.