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ALBA HAND MADE TO MISURE SHOES MADE IN ITALY IN THE HEART OF BRESCIA Shoes are not a simple accessory, they are an essential outfit’s detail and also define a status symbol. “Alba” workshop offers a complete service. Is able to provide at the same time a great styled product, modelled on the foot shape of each costumer. Domi works by hand with highly professional workmanship. Workmanship is handmade by the artisan Domi. He measures personally or with a webcam client’s Tel & Fax 030 3759874

Scarpe Su Misura
ALBA HAND MADE TO MISURE SHOES  MADE IN ITALY IN THE HEART OF BRESCIA   , material and details.  Craftsman is able to made also bags and belts, if needed in the same style of shoes, to create a perfect match and complete the outfit.  Preemptions are completely for free.  Contacts us to receive further information’s, we would be glad to grant your requests.  Alba Scarpe Fatte a Mano - Piazza Tebaldo Brusato, 10 Brescia  Tel & Fax 030 3759874 In The Heart, Perfect Match, Craftsman, Belts, Italy, Create, Outfit, Shoes, Artisan

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