Napping benefit

What You Need to Know About Napping (Infographic)

Proof that napping is a good thing! I'm a serious power napper.I have trained my body to sleep for a short minute nap in a different position than I normally sleep. But I LOVE a good hour and a half nap too!

Pinterest Infographic

13 'Pinteresting' Facts About Pinterest Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's helpful to see one social network statistically compared to another. Especially on a colorful Infographic.

Educated Women re-invest 90% of their income in their families.  Men invest 30-40%. But still, 1 in 4 women around the world cannot read this post.

"Learning Out of Poverty:" education is foundational to human development and has a clear multiplier effect with benefits in health, broad-based economic growth, and poverty reduction.

Why Invest in Women?

Infographic: Why invest in women? USAID has created this excellent infographic that shows why investing in women’s health, education and empowerment leads to more prosperous and just societies:

A Day in the Life of the Internet

A Day in the Life of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lo que sucede en un dia en Internet (pineado por / What happens in a day in the Internet (pinned by

Women farmers could increase crop yields by up to 30% if they were given equal access to resources.

The Global State of Agriculture Infographic - women farmers could increase crop yields by up to if they were given equal access to resources

Disability in America

Disability in America Infographic

Disability in America Infographic examines the subject of disability in America and highlights some of the obstacles that disabled Americans face on a daily basis.

Cost of being poor — like the use of the path and illustrations.

Shocking Infographic created by Online Sociology Degree about the high cost of poverty, Why the poor pay more than the rich.

2012 enonprofits benchmark study

What's Working in Digital Non-Profit Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wondering whether to focus on social media, email marketing or mobile this year for your online fundraising efforts? The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services and NTEN sheds some light on their impact.