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3D Printed Legend of Zelda Board Created, Sold

The Legend of Zelda, opening screen. A ground-breaking video game, epic in its proportions, and the progenitor of all RPG video games.

Castlevania Simon Belmont Perler Bead Konami 3D Retro Handmade Nintendo NES…

Castlevania Simon Belmont Perler Bead Konami 3D Retro Handmade Nintendo NES…

Spiritual Warfare Theme Overlay

Wisdom Tree is raising funds for The Arkade - a Classic Christian Video Game Plug and Play on Kickstarter! The Arkade is a Plug and Play device which bundles the classic 8 bit Christian Video Games by Wisdom Tree.

So we are approaching the last 24 hours of The Oracle reprint Kickstarter and, wow, this has gone very well.  Thank you all.  Take a moment, if you like, to share with your friends and interested parties and maybe we'll bump up another stretch goal or two.  Or not, it's all good.  The outstanding goals look like this: $10,000 - This level gets us an interpretive essay by Richard Forest, PhD.

Update Last 24 hours, stretch goals, add-ons · The Complete "The Oracle"AD&D fanzine reprint,

Little Player - Video Game Magazine for Kids by Martin Alessi — Kickstarter

Martin Alessi is raising funds for Little Player - Video Game Magazine for Kids on Kickstarter! Little Player is a bi-monthly magazine that provides a safe, fun, ad-free reading experience for the 7 to 12 year old video gamer.


Retro Gaming Magazine covers all retro gaming content no matter the platform from Atari 2600 to Windows, from Super Nintendo to Commodore Amiga, it is all here.

Heroe_Might_Magic_Sega_Genesis_Mega_Drive_retro_retrogaming_game_homebrew_Russia_16-Bit_Cartridge_strategy (3)

Heroes of Might and Magic is coming to the Sega Genesis, on a cartridge even. This is great news for turn based strategy fans, and

PacMan Inspired Perler Sprites by ShowMeYourBits on Etsy

ITEM DETAILS: These are handmade Pac-Man Perler Sprites. They are made out of plastic beads that have been fused together. These Pac-Man

Perler Adventure Dragons, Atari 2600 by on @deviantART - I'm showing my age here!

the first 'adventure' game for the Atari 2600 dragons!