You know those old glass electric insulators that are really cool, but you don't have any idea what the heck to do with them? Here's some ideas ... Dishfunctional Designs: Vintage Glass Insulator Crafts

Anyone else old enough to remember these old glass covers ... they were on telephone poles ... transformer covers? Used to have a box of them, saved from the 1950s, most of mine were shades of green. Love the light blue and bright whites one pictured here...remind me of pussy willows (on steroids, of course!).

Dishfunctional Designs: This Ain't Yer Grandma's Porch Swing! DIY Swing Beds & Chairs I've changed my mind!!!! I don't want a hammock anymore! I want a swing bed!!!!!

Dream catcher diy One day when I get time! this is sooo smart for a college dorm to hang jewelry
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